LJM Property
Do's and Dont's for Tenants

What we expect of our tenants and what to expect from us.  
This is very simple and can be achieved with very little effort. 


  1. DO NOT break or destroy the property you rent. Includes windows, doors, floors, walls, cabinets . . . .
  2. If you are not a plumber or an electrician.   DO NOT try and repair and plumbing or electircal.  Call Us.
  3. On the same note:  If you are not a carpenter and are not licensed as such. DO NOT repair anything.
  4. DO NOT allow the outside of your rental to be cluttered with garbage, appliances, bicycles.  These items can be stored properly without the clutter.  Keep your yard trimmed and watered.  If you are unable to mow or keep up your yard you may call a yard professional or you can hire us to help. Failure to keep your area clutter free and yard in shape may impose a penalty. PLUS the City of Pendleton has an ordience about this very issue.  They impose a $500 fine for each instance.
  5. DO NOT repair your vehicle on the yard of your rental or in the city street.  The City of Pendleton has an ordinance against the repair of vehicles on the city streets.  The fines could be as much as $500 per instance.
  6. We DO NOT require a monthly rental agreement.  We DO require a pet deposit and a 30 day notice in writing upon vacating.
  7. We DO NOT allow or condone the use of illegal drugs.  We DO NOT allow the sales of any drugs of any kind, legal or not, from any of our rental properties.  


  1. Your rent is paid in advance of each month.  Please make it a point to have your rent ready on the due date.  You are allowed a little grace period before a late fee is imposed.  If you need to change your rent due date, just ask.  If you get behind it is very hard to catch up.
  2. You will be able to pay your rent online. (coming soon)  It will need to be paid on the rent due date. Unless arrangements are made all rent is PAID IN FULL. 
  3. It is your responsibility to make sure the rent is paid on time.  You will need to either pay online (soon) or deliver the rent to our office.  It is NOT our responsibility to chase you down to collect.  Exceptions to that rule: if you are handicapped or have made arrangements.
  4. You MUST report any issue imediatly. Leaks, broken glass, heater issues, electrical issues. 
  5. You will have neighbors, please be respectful and be a good neighbor.  Issue between neighbors are considered domestic issues.  Do not call us if you neighbor is too loud, call the police.  In such a case please call 911 as we are unable to do anything about your personal issues.  If an officer has determined   a crime or injury has been committed, we will take proper steps to evict the person(s) responsible.
  6. We DO a full background check before any agreement to occupy - your cost is $25.00 - If you have rented from us before and left in good standing we will not need a background check.